The FCA would “like” firms to share income and expenditures with their customers.

Let IE Hub show you how.

Recent FCA guidance has recommended that income and expenditure assessments should be shared by creditors and they “should support and encourage” this information to be re-used with others.  This is intended to reduce stress and pressure put on the customer when speaking with multiple creditors. 

IE Hub’s multi-award-winning platform delivers this capability and is already working with your customers. 

Go Live in 2 Days!!

Small and Medium enterprises can go live with IE Hub in 2 days!! Just select an affordable plan that works for you here and subscribe. We will contact you within one working day to gather necessary on-boarding information and will get you up and running within another working day. No need for IT resources!

Membership starts from just £100 per month

For Small and Medium business looking for a quick go-live, just select an affordable plan that works for you here and subscribe. Each plan comes with unlimited data sharing from customers as well as generous licences for the CRM system.

For Medium and Large Enterprises looking for customisations and white-labelling, changes to our standard agreements, a dedicated account manager, API links to TransUnion and other credit bureaus or consultancy support?

​We would be very happy to discuss our bespoke Enterprise Plan, and wider services, with you. Just click on the Contact Us button below or drop us an email at

We also recommend that you first check out our FAQs as these should be able to answer all or most of your questions.  If you still have any query, you can always reach us on  or use the Contact Us form and we will be very glad to help.

Michael Line, Operations Director, JTR Collections

Using IE Hub meant we were able to achieve a realistic and sustainable payment plan with the customer without the need for a long and detailed telephone call. We were also able to update the customers arrangement directly to their I&E using the CRM portal so they could see how this was manageable within their monthly spending going forward

Sally Schulz, Team Leader, Castle Point Borough Council

I spoke to the customer who said that she had been scared to contact us, complete the form etc. The customer went on to say that she was surprised how easy the IE Hub form was to complete and how it made sense to her...We contacted the customer the day we received the IE and agreed a mutually acceptable arrangement

John Donnelly, Collections Risk Manager, Atom Bank

IE Hub team worked with Atom’s collection team to go live within one week. This included setting up systems and providing training to Atom’s agents. Within couple of weeks of going live, Atom’s team has been able to process hundreds of I&Es using IE Hub. Most importantly, they are able to get 88% of their customers to self-serve using IE Hub customer portal


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What is IE Hub?

IE Hub is a multi-award winning platform that allows your customers to maintain their Income & Expenditure (I&E) data in one place and share with you and other firms as and when needed. They complete an intelligent I&E form in their own time and at their pace to ensure it is complete and accurate. They can also use Open Banking to pre-fill their information from their bank account transaction history.


They are also regularly reminded to maintain their data and make changes to it over time as their personal circumstances change. This means that the data you get is always fresh.

If they are dealing with multiple companies, then this is the ideal tool for them to save time and manage their affairs. Helps you as well as you can now get timely and accurate information without using significant call-centre resources.

You receive the data in a CRM system that we setup for you. Here, you can amend the data as well as enter it from scratch on behalf of the customer. You can even just setup the basic customer information and let IE Hub reach out to the customer and get them to complete their I&E.

There are multiple integration options available in case you would want to get this data into your systems - using batch files as well as REST APIs.

For more information check out our FAQs

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Do check out our FAQs as they do provide lots of information. Or just click the button below.

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