Our continuous effort in providing products that are secured


Access Control


Users only see information to which they have access. That means, different users can only view, download, publish and/or print to where you grant access.

Data Storage


All personal data is stored encrypted and is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 compliant data centres in the UK.


Application Security

Independent security and penetration testing audits to ensure that personal information is always secure.



You can set your own password. Our default security policies enforce a secure password. You can also set login parameters such as length and complexity of passwords, and you can also determine how frequently your users need to reset their password.


Data Ownership

You own and control the data shared with you by the consumers using the Consumer Portal. Any data recorded by your agents using the Creditor Portal/ CRM system also belongs to you. 

Firewalls & IP Whitelisting


All servers are protected by separate hardware firewalls, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection.

Logins to CRM (i.e. creditor portal) are allowed only from your whitelisted IP addresses.


Proactive Monitoring


We proactively monitor our systems 24*7*365 for any vulnerabilities and unauthorised access attempts, thereby ensuring that your data is never at risk.

You also get a monthly report of active users on the creditor portal/ CRM. You can (with admin access) disable those users that are not needed any more.

Failed password attempts on the creditor portal/ CRM are also notified to you.