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Based on your membership option you can direct customers to complete their information in the Consumer Portal or you could bulk upload your current I&E stock into the hub.


The customer can then update their information when their circumstances change or at a time when you require them to confirm their completed data is accurate. They can also use Open Banking to pre-fill their information from their bank account transaction history.

You can choose a low tech integration with the hub such as secure Email or SFTP Batch jobs or advanced options such as REST APIs. 

To make the most of IE Hub, we recommend that you use our cost-effective, yet highly secure and user friendly, CRM system that can be tuned for your requirements, if needed.

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You can take a license for the CRM where you can view this information online and validate this against credit bureau and ONS data.


If you do not have access to credit bureaus, we can also show you data provided by the customer. The CRM also provides you the ability to edit the data and even enter it from scratch on behalf of the customer. 

Whatever you decide we will have a feasible cost effective option for your business.


By choosing to upload your current I&E stock held in your systems you immediately empower your customers to be in control of their data. They have the ability to view their data and update it whenever they have a change to their financial situation.


Customers can then very simply share these updates with you. Giving you the facility to manage customers review periods with as little operational cost and involvement as possible, whilst giving your customers a safe, secure, time saving way of keeping you abreast of their financial situation.

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This rapid assessment "Advanced Dashboard" tool enables you to quickly assess if the customer does actually need to complete a full I&E via the hub. If the data does show the customer needs to complete a full I&E a message can be triggered to the customer by your agent to ask the customer to complete the I&E through the Consumer Portal.


Or the agent can move to the full portal, where data captured during rapid assessment is pre-filled, to allow quick completion of a full I&E while the customer is on the phone.



You can also see your customers financial position over time. Providing a graphical image allowing agents to immediately assess a customers history and their overall journey.

This picture can be used to direct agents actions for the customer while on the phone with them. Ensuring your customers have the fairest outcome for their current financial situation.