Your vulnerable customers are using IE Hub and are ready to share their I&Es with you.

IE Hub users represent over 350 different organisations from a range of industries spanning financial services, housing, utilities and local authorities. These customers have been referred to IE Hub by an existing client who has received a completed budget from us.

Each customer has multiple creditors on their debt list and can share their income and expenditure form quickly and securely with any organisation who is part of the IE Hub share list. Customers are always in control of their data, this is updated and saved frequently ready to share with YOU.

Joining our share list is quick and easy and you can benefit from free I&E delivery for 3 months (IE Hub is always free for customers). I&Es can be delivered simply as a PDF document into a designated mail box or a SFTP folder so as not to disrupt existing process or impact on IT resource.

We also have other delivery options such as our own integrated CRM portal and REST APIs if that interests you more. Go live in as little as 2 days!

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