OFGEM introduces new protections to support customers in vulnerable circumstances

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

OFGEM have introduced a package of new protections to support customers in vulnerable circumstances and those struggling to pay their energy bills.

These new requirements are designed to improve outcomes for pre-payment meter (PPM) customers who go off supply or ‘self-disconnect’ and those who deliberately limit or ‘self-ration’ their energy use, and for consumers who struggle to pay their energy bills.

OFGEM are also introducing enhanced requirements on suppliers to support all customers who are facing financial difficulties through the inclusion of updated “Ability to Pay” principles in the supply licence.

These changes will take effect on and from 15 December 2020.

IE Hub’s industry leading customer affordability portal can help energy firm meet these new requirements.

With IE Hub customer can share their Income and Expenditure (I&E) with suppliers quickly and easily so they can understand the customer’s ability to pay. I&Es are updated regularly and shared in real time to manage any change in circumstances. IE Hub’s workflow and CRM system can be utilised to re-engage with customers and review payment plans, all without impacting operational resource.

IE Hub can also be used to proactively identify payment options and highlight to suppliers when a customer may be at risk of self-disconnection or energy rationing.

IE Hub is free for customers and allows them to engage with multiple creditors to disclose their current financial situation and access holistic support.

Sign up to IE Hub’s consumer share list to allow customers to send their income an expenditure information to you. I&E can be delivered in a range of ways to suite suppliers and maximise their customer engagement.

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The complete OFGEM document can be viewed here