Moguls Meet to Make Change!

We're calling for change in a battle to support consumer needs.

Over the last few months, we have been reaching out to experts from energy, water, customer vulnerability, and technology in a drive to build a robust ‘Thought Leadership Group’.

Chaired by Ian Parry, our group aims to build a vibrant community through which the sectors most eminent and innovative visionaries can shape utility agendas, capitalise on multi-industry collaboration, and cultivate future industry practices.

Over the coming months the established 'Thought Leadership Group' will meet regularly to discuss consumer opportunities in the retail and water space, for the domestic retail customer, with one clear goal; to drive change for consumers.

Lockdown restriction may be easing across the country, but, the impact of COVID-19 will be felt for the foreseeable. As forbearance measures are removed, we will begin to realise the financial impact left behind and brace ourselves for the “Debt Tsunami” that many are predicting. The group will challenge current practices and measures, to drive change for consumers who may be struggling financially.

At IE Hub, We work with many people who are in debt as a result of life events. These events can cause emotional impacts on a person's ability to manage finances. Nearly 70% of our users told us they have experienced anxiety when speaking with creditors to set up reduced payment plans. Our work takes much of this anxiety away by making it simple, enabling them to do it all online in their own time, and giving them a better understanding of their own finances and a sense of control when they do eventually speak to their creditors.

There are so many amazing individuals within the utility sector, who can share their experience to benefit people in need, and that's why we have built the 'Thought Leadership Group'.