Improve the accuracy of customer I&E with Open Banking

With over 2 million users and an eco-system of 289 regulated providers Open Banking has seen strong growth during the pandemic as individuals change how they view and manage their finances.

IE Hub users have been able to complete their I&E using Open Banking since January 2020, with 1 in 5 users now opting to complete their I&E using this facility.

This increases to 1 in 3 for users who opted to share their I&E with a mortgage lender.

IE Hub’s customer management system will highlight Open Banking transactions on delivery of the I&E so you can see when information has been taken directly from a bank account. Open Banking access is offered to all IE Hub users and tracking is provided to all CRM users at no extra cost.

In our recent survey respondents stated they had opted to use Open Banking due to its ease of use or convenience when completing their income and expenditure information.

These Open Banking services are offered through a strategic partnership with LendingMetrics, who are fast becoming one of the most recognised Fintech names in the industry. IE Hub offers customers the option to complete their income and expenditure data using LendingMetrics’ OpenBankVision (OBV) platform, which sees the IE Hub customer journey greatly improved. With less time required to manage their I&E and a greater level of confidence in the data shared.

IE Hub is working with lenders to utilise our award-winning self-serve platform to deliver better engagement with customer so they can share their affordability information at a time and pace convenient for them.

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