IE Hub is helping reduce customer anxiety when setting up payment arrangements.

In our recent survey 66% of customers said they had felt very anxious before speaking with creditors to set up payment plans. However, 77% went on to say they felt it was easier or much easier to speak with creditors when they were able to use IE Hub to share their income and expenditure information with a creditor in advance.

Giving your customer the ability to record and share their income and expenditure information in advance of your call not only improves their overall experience but saves time for your collections staff.

IE Hub’s customer management system can also be used to check and validate the I&E before agreeing a payment arrangement. The agreed payment can be updated directly into the I&E so the customer can see exactly how this changes their monthly budget. As a result, 87% of users confirmed they have been able to maintain their arrangement agreed via IE Hub.

IE Hub is working with lenders to utilise our award-winning self-serve platform to deliver better engagement with customers so they can share their affordability information at a time and pace convenient for them reducing the stress and anxiety of a collections call.

Debt Charities have warned that the pandemic is creating a “debt time-bomb” and have raised concerned about the impact it is having on people's mental health. IE Hub can help you prepare for the growing demand while supporting your customers needs.