Government release council tax collection guidance.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government's guidance for council tax collections, published August 16, highlights the importance of effective data usage. This best practice guidance for local authorities outlines how adapting interventions according to a debtor’s circumstances can lead to fairer treatment for residents and faster, more sustainable debt recovery for authorities.

Some authorities already use intelligence-led models to assist with establishing the best option for collection. When residents miss an instalment, such authorities will segment cases according to what the most appropriate next steps are, and seek to establish why a resident may have fallen into arrears.

There is a wealth of data available to assist authorities which can help them understand a debtor’s profile. This includes their historic payment behaviour, any existing entitlement to council tax support or other council tax discounts, the use of local authority services, and records of any known vulnerabilities, including severe mental impairment.

Utilising these data points can help authorities make more suitable choices on how best to engage with residents and what recovery methods to use. It can also lead to the identification of eligibility for additional support, exemptions, and discounts that could help to prevent further arrears.

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