Customers who are close to the breadline will be in deficit come the new year!

Disposable income is being impacted now and is set to reduce further throughout 2022 - this is according to an independent research carried out on behalf of IE Hub. For many households across Britain, regular budgeting exercises will need to take place now, to avoid falling behind on payment arrangements.

To help you better understand the economic impacts on your customers and their ability to make payments in the future, IE Hub has produced a whitepaper. In this paper, Dylan Jones, IE Hub CEO, explores an average family’s income and outgoings now, versus their position in 2022 following the expected increase in living costs.

Click below to access the full paper:
IE Hub Whitepaper
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Jones, said: “If more isn’t done to highlight the need for budgeting in the here and now, organisations will find themselves in a situation where their customers can no longer afford to make payments. This will prove particularly difficult where vulnerability exists. There are tools available to support customers ahead of the impending debt tsunami – IE Hub is one of them!”

IE Hub is urging organisations across all sectors to take action now.