Customer feedback is crucial

With Covid restrictions lifting, it feels for many that life is beginning to return to normal. This includes the reduction in government help available to individuals and businesses, which we know will be a cause for concern for many. At IE Hub we believe the best way to combat this concern is to ensure that we are providing exactly what our customers need, and for this, we need their feedback.

All of our customers who share their Income and Expenditure using IE Hub are invited to take part in our short customer satisfaction survey. We have had a good uptake of people completing this, and we are thrilled to say that the majority of the feedback that we’ve received has been positive, with 95% of customers rating IE Hub as easy to use. One customer stated, “It felt more like I was being provided support than being in trouble”. This is great for us to hear, as it reinforces that we are doing the right things to support our customers.

But for us, it is just as important to receive constructive criticism. For example, a number of our customers told us that whilst they found IE Hub easy to use, they would find it useful if they could also share their completed Income and Expenditure with other companies that weren't on our network. As a result, we introduced our free post service, which enables us to post a customer's I&E to other companies that they are dealing with.

As we start to emerge from the Covid pandemic we must continue to support our customers in the right way. To provide your feedback please click here.

Watch the below video to hear more from IE Hub customers: