We are on a mission to empower customers to control their own personal data

Meet The Team


Dylan Jones

  • Dylan Jones

CEO. Previously Business Development Leadership & Country head roles at TransUnion and FICO.

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Kapil Madan

  • Kapil Madan


Serial Technology Entrepreneur. Previously, senior roles at LBG & Oracle.

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Mark McElvanney

  • Mark McElvanney

Sales Director.

Previously, senior BD role at StepChange Debt Charity. 


Alan Golob

  • Alan Golob


Previously Business Development Director at Callcredit (now TransUnion).


Jan Hundertpfund

  • Jan Hunderpfund


Previously, Credit Risk Director for Cards, Loans, Current Accounts & Mortgages at LBG.

Advisors & Believers

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Achim Cremer

  • Achim Cremer

Career spanning three decades across various sectors including Financial Services, FMCG and Airlines.

Ranjit bw.jpg

Ranjit Krishna

  • Ranjit Krishna

Credit Risk Expert. Significant experience in Telecom sector.

Why IE Hub?

The Problem

A customer in financial difficulty has an average of 5.9 debts across multiple creditors. A customer’s contact with their creditor, to provide their affordability data and arrange a payment plan, takes up to 45 minutes. And they must repeat this with all their creditors. This exercise is also usually repeated several times each year with each creditor. Over 10m customer in the UK alone need our help - with numbers expected to be significantly higher post-covid shock.


Clients (creditors), irrespective of sector, get information from customers over phone, basic web form, emailed excel file or even using paper forms. This information is often incorrect, unvalidated data from consumers, resulting in poor vulnerability and affordability decisions being made.

The Solution

IE Hub is on a mission to empower customers and create a unique and arguably the world's first personal information bureau where individuals control their own personal data.

Using IE Hub’s Customer Portal, customers of our clients can fill in their detailed I&E information in one place and share with all their creditors. Smart questions and access to their bank account transactions using Open Banking makes it quick and easy for them to fill and share this information conveniently using any device. Email workflows remind them to logon again every few months to keep their information updated.


If a customer is on the phone, client's agents can use our Advanced Dashboard to quickly access and then pre-fill their customer’s information using credit bureau data. This significantly reduces the time on phone for customer and collector as well as improves data quality. Clients without access to credit bureau data can use our simple CRM system that allows them to review information shared by customers, as well as enter and edit it on customer’s behalf. Once data has been entered on behalf of customer, it is immediately available to the customer to share it with other parties.


IE Hub can also automate checks and provide work queues to allows client’s agents to manage exceptions thereby reducing agent workload.

Our Journey thus Far

Apr - 2018: Company Formed

Dec - 2018: Partnership with TransUnion and sign-off on Web App from Money Advice and Pension Service

Jan - 2019: Beta Web App launched with few charities

May - 2019: Joined Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) Regional Steering Group

Jun - 2019: Industry Recognition: Won Car Finance Award 2019

Sep - 2019: Industry Recognition: Won Credit and Collection Technology Award 2019

Oct - 2019: New Sector: First major Utility company on boarded

Nov - 2019: National Recognition: Highly Commended by Tech Nation Rising Star

Jan - 2020: Partnership with Lending Metrics. Open Banking integrated into solution

Jan - 2020: Web App out of Beta, Full Availability

Feb - 2020: New Sector: First Local Authority sign up 

May - 2020: New Sector: First Bank sign up 

Jun - 2020: New Sector: First large Retail Group sign up 

Jun - 2020: New Sector: First major Housing Association sign up

Jul - 2020: Partnership announced with Changing Lives charity
Sep - 2020: National Recognition: Awarded place in Tech Nation Fintech 3.0 cohort for Scaleups

Nov - 2020: Industry Recognition: Won Credit and Collection Technology Award 2020

Nov - 2020: National Recognition: Won Supper-Connect for Good East England Region Award